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    Photoshop Elements 11 interface

    pete at home

      First off I would like to say I'm new here! and finding this forum very hard to use? cannot even paste text why?

      anyway here is my question/ observation

      I have just downloaded the new version of Photoshop Elements 11  (I've been useing sinnce version 6)

      I cannot begin to discribe how dissapointed I was to see the UI, to me it looks and feels like a peice of software from about ten years ago with the large icons everywhere, or at the very least a very cheap copy of Photoshop elements.

      I uninstalled it after about a hour, I didnt like it at all! so as far as Elements goes i will be sticking to Elements 9, I will be going back to Paintshop Photo pro from Corel if this is the best effort Adobe has to offer!

      I realy cannot understand why Adobe has employed a 10 year old to design the look of the UI


      Is there a setting to change the UI to a adult theme like before???


      Or is this the new theme for the full blown Photoshop as well if so they will have a lot of very unhappy people!

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          Barbara B. Level 7

          You can get more control over panels/palettes if you go to the lower right of the main window and click the tiny arrow on the right of the More button and choose Custom Workspace, but otherwise, it is what it is. I'm not sure what you mean by "adult"--black? If so, there were at least as many people who complained about the dark interface being too hard to see, so I suppose it's six of one, half a dozen of the other.

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            pete at home Level 1

            Thanks for the reply what I mean by Adult theme is this new one looks so similar to all the free programs my Granddaughter uses online! Large icons and bland looks.like Kolourpaint, Inkscape and the like.


            I'm not sure what this Guided tab is for? if I open this I have nothing to choose apart from magnifying glass and a hand top left  next to that is Before and after choice top right is a Create tab with nothing in it, bottom left 1.1 fit screen, fill screen, print screen (tool options) below that is Photo bin, Tool options, undo, redo, rotate, Organize, that's it apart from fit two of the same image on the screen it look like a waste of space? or is this not included in the trial version??

            I don't know what this "create tab is for? nothing in this on any of the three tabs Quick, Guided, Expert? or is this not in the trial version either??


            Yes Im aware that colour is a personal preference, and so is style choice? this is why I think so many Elements users including myself will be of to pastures new?

            As far as there were at least as many people who complained about the dark interface being too hard to see, not so hard to solve, add a choice of skin colours?

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              Barbara B. Level 7

              Hmm, no the Guided tab should have a long list of projects, including things like "perfect portrait" and a number of special effects like the Orton effect and tilt-shift:


              Screen Shot 2013-05-04 at 4.35.35 PM.png


              Create should include the usual things it did in previous versions: photobook, collage, cd/dvd labels and inserts, calendar, etc.


              If you aren't so put off by the overall look that you don't want to use PSE 11, I'd try uninstalling and reinstalling as a first step.

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                Warunicorn Adobe Community Professional

                I would have to agree with "pete at home"; I find the lighter UI annoying. (That and the ridiculous idea that you can't even move the toolbox anymore like you can the other panels let alone switch it to single-column, plus one of my favorite 3rd-party plugins (KPT-X Equalizer) doesn't even work in PSE 11 like it does in PSE 9.) At least give users the option to switch the UI's colors.


                A requested feature I had asked for since version 9 still has gone MIA. (Kerning/spacing of text without having to use a custom script.)


                I really like the improved refine edge feature but it's like taking one step forward and two steps back for me.  : /

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                  The new 11 GUI is awful.  I didn't think anything could be worse than Elements 6, but here it is.  It does look like a child's photo editor - grossly oversized buttons that can be operated with clumsy hands.

                  1) Put sharpening filters back in the filters menu.

                  2) Get the side panels out of the way!  I have 1920x1200 and it's like editing photos through a slit in a blast shield.

                  3) I have to quit and relaunch constantly.  The Move Tool randomly stops working.  Page Setup disables printing.

                  4) Slow.  It's like running Gimp in a Linux VM, but less elegant.

                  5) Some zoom levels produce blocky patterns.  It's the same bug that Flash has when scaling photos.

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                    Ceslaus1234 Level 1

                    I have to agree witht the previous post. I have been using photoshop elements and premiere element to do semi pro work from version 1 thru 10.

                    This interface looks like it was drawn by a child and why would you move all the menues around that you have had since version 1 and similar to Photoshop?

                    I have remove this from my system and will be dumping it for rev10 . By the way don't scroll too fast in the organizer or it will fail every time and say it stopped working.

                    Just my 2 cents. From a dedicated Adobe user.

                    You are going in the direction of the failing windows 8. Did you know they sold more Vista operating systems than windows 8 (per the internet reports) and that was a debocle. :-)

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                      I had been using version 8, then upgraded to 11, and I'm miserable with the new interface.  I can't move the toolbox around, and when I want to change brushes, I no longer have an array, but I have to scroll through all the selections.  I would like to have tool options and Undo/Redo at the top of the screen, instead of buried at the bottom.  The Quick/Guided/Expert thing at the top is of absolutely no use to me, since I've been using the program since about version 3.Version


                      Worst of all, version 8 suddenly will no longer work (I had been using 8 even though I had installed 11, simply because I preferred the UI.)


                      Is there a way to change the UI to something that 's more like what I was using? 

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                        Barbara B. Level 7

                        Is there a way to change the UI to something that 's more like what I was using?

                        No. Adobe likes it this way, and that's how it is. Sorry.


                        But if you can tell us what's wrong with PSE 8 we may be able to help you get that working again.

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                          DrRob56 Level 1

                          When I try to load 8, it starts, then immediately closes.  At one time I would get a dialog box asking if I would like to send a report, and for a while I clicked yes, but then clicked on a setting to send the report automatically.  Since then, it just closes, without allowing me to do anything about it.


                          As for the UI, “Adobe likes it this way” shows a lack of concern for their customer, that they wouldn’t even allow moving things around the screen.  The UI of 8 was more flexible, and to think that having to scroll through all the brush shapes and sizes rather than have a grid to pick from is really a step backwards.  I don’t understand it, and it slows me down when I’m working.  I’m making more and longer mouse excursions, and even then not getting what was readily available in 8. But then again, Adobe doesn’t care.  Pretty sad.


                          I would be thrilled if I can get 8 to work again.


                          Thanks for the reply.

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                            Barbara B. Level 7

                            What operating system is this?


                            Also, as far as moving things around on the screen in PSE 11, if you go to the editor preferences>general and turn on Allow Floating documents, then click the tiny arrow to the right of the More button, you can move panels and images around all you want. The toolbox is fixed in place, though, and the tool options are always at the bottom.


                            For your brushes, that is as it has always been, just  different default view. But if you click the four lined square on the brush palette, you can choose to view in a grid.

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                              DrRob56 Level 1

                              I’m running Windows 8, but from the desktop only (not like a touchscreen machine.) 


                              And it’s good to know I can still get a grid for the brush sizes, and can move some of the panels.  That helps quite a bit.



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                                Barbara B. Level 7

                                Okay, for PSE 8, how are you starting it? The welcome screen, the organizer, the editor? If you go into the program files and start the editor or organizer directly from there, does it work?

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                                  DrRob56 Level 1

                                  I've tried the welcome screen and directly to the editor. And I uninstalled both 8 and 11, and will reinstall 8 first (when I get home from work) and see what happens. Your suggestions for making 11 more useable were helpful, though, in case I just can't get 8 to work (maybe a Windows update issue?)


                                  Thanks Again!

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                                    Barbara B. Level 7

                                    For PSE 8, open the welcome screen, then hold down ctrl+alt+shift while clicking the editor button. Keep the keys down till you see a window asking if you want to delete the settings file. You do.