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    Blackmagic Capturing


      Hi together!


      I have a big problem. I want to capture live from a Samsung HMX F90 to my hard drive. For that I am using a Blackmagic Intensity Extrem Device (Thunderbolt => for Mac).

      I select the correct input connection (via HDMI) and then the correct output format (PAL) of my camera (At the Desktop Video Control panel & Premiere CS6). But its not working. Premiere still says: Capture Device Offline. And the screen stays black. Moreover the Samsung Cam turns off its Dispaly as soon as a plug it in the Blackmagic box.


      I tried it also with a Nikon D90 (via HDMI/PAL or NTFS) but unfortunatly with the same result.


      It is a realy big proglem for me because I need it.