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    Help please with Setting up Fonts


      Hello, thanks in advance.


      By day I work at a studio on an Apple Mac, using InDesign.

      By evening I work at home on my Windows 8 PC, using InDesign with the Creative Cloud.


      Therefore I'm having difficulties with the transferring of fonts.

      Specifically, I have two problems and hoping someone may be able to kindly help on here...


      Taking one example, font Gotham.

      - I have been able to transfer this font to my Window 8 PC. I have installed all Gotham styles (16 of them - eg Bold, Bold Italic, Regular, Book etc) onto my PC, using the inbuilt Windows 'Font' window in the Control Panel.

      - Early indications are good - when I load up InDesign, I can see all 16 of these fonts and can select and use them.

      - But I have two subsequent issues


      1) The 16 fonts show up as roughly 8 separate Fonts, each with only 1 or 2 styles. At the Studio, in InDesign, I just select 'Gotham', and then there are 16 sub-fonts (styles?) to choose from. On my PC, there are 8 separate fonts, despite all being grouped together as one 'Family' in the Font window on my Control Panel. Is there a way that these fonts can be grouped together on InDesign? Otherwise it's a real pain to use!


      2) More importantly, I package my work on the Apple computer, save and take home. When I reload at home it says that it cannot find the 'Gotham' fonts, despite the fact that InDesign shows them! Therefore all fonts convert to the default.


      Is anyone aware of these issues and able to help?

      Many thanks in advance, greatly appreciated.

      Thanks, Simon