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    Scaling clipped text frames

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      Hi, I have a text frame that is an anchored rectangle. The text frame is the same size as the rectangle and some of the text gets clipped. I want to scale the text frame 99% so that the text is not clipped. I want to change the scaling instead of the geometric bounds of the text frame to ensure that I don't get any overset text. I want to scale the text frame around its center point. There are a few things I don't understand about this:


      1) It looks like I can change the horizontalScale and verticalScale (or the absoluteHorizontalScale and absoluteVerticalScale) values, but when I query them after setting them to 99, they always return 100. I thought that they would return 99 so that I can see that they are already scaled, in case the script is run twice.


      2) I see also that there are scale and transform methods, but I am not sure if one of these is preferable.


      In any case, is there a way for me to test to see if a text frame (or any other object) has already been scaled? And if you can give me an overview of the best way to scale these text frames, I can look up the actual syntax in the object references. Thanks in advance for any help.



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          Notice app.transformPreferences.whenScaling options.


          If you set it to WhenScalingOptions.ADJUST_SCALING_PERCENTAGE


          You can see current scale factor and you are able to redefine scaling back to 100%

          But be awared about side effects:

          i.e. scaled text pointSize property keeps original value