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    Exported as ProRes 422 HQ , but "info" says H.264. Why?

    Shawn Hare

      When in Premier Pro, I export a project as ProRes 422 HQ Quicktime Movie.

      Yet, when I right click and "get info" it says that it's an H.264 file.


      I'm using a Macbook Pro 13", late 2009, Snow Leopard.

      I don't know if this helps, but I have CS6, the latest Quicktime, plus QT7. I do have FCX installed in trial mode but have yet to open it.


      Anyone know why it says "H.264" when it should say "ProRes"?




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          DMH79 Level 2

          When I export ProRes files it doesn't say H.264 in the "get info" section. It shows the Codec as "Apple Prores 422, Linear PCM, Timecode". It's a .mov file of course but I'm thinking that somehow you have something accidentally checked. In your settings, before you hit export, does it show ProRes HQ in your "summary: output"? I have no idea why you see H264 so I'm totally guessing here. When I export as prores, I basically select "Quicktime" as the Format, and then "Apple ProRes 422" (or 422 HQ) as the Preset and it should show as the codec in both the output summary and the video tab below. Good luck!