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    Can I make parts of a button inactive?


      I am fairly inexperienced with Flash, and trying to make an interactive street map. How it is supposed to work is that when you click a button, a box detailing all the things in that area pops up.


      I was taught the no-ActionScript way to do this: simply insert everything you want to appear when the button is hit into the button timeline. But what happens is that the things you add act as part of the button even when invisible. So for instance if a large box is supposed to appears when you scroll over a button, it not only appears when you scroll over the button, but also when you scroll over the box. (As in the box is hidden but then you cross its boundaries with the cursor and bam! box becomes visible.)


      Is there a way to create a button so that when in the "over" or "down" keyframes it changes appearance, such as a label for the button appears when in the "over" position,  but that new portion is inert (doesn't act as a button)?


      Or will I have to rewrite this as an ActionScript? If so, I am totlaly lost. I've followed online tutorials but they aren't working. Such as I can't even make certain object stay hidden until triggered: I turned them into a movie clip, and in the code wrote instancename._visible = false; (and yes I am actually typin in the instance name where it says instancename). Yet when I test it, the boxes are still there- although all of them are missing their text- even thought the text shows up in symbol editor.


      I am working with Adobe flash CS5.5 on a Mac.