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    My InDesign is Middle Eastern... and shouldn't be


      Hello, all. I purchased Design & Web Premium CS6 (note well: the suite, not Creative Cloud) on Dec 31 and used most of the other apps, but have been working mostly in InDesign only in the last few weeks. So I was late noticing something weird: I have the Middle Eastern version installed. I'm licensed for English, but somehow that's what I've got. I don't know if it affects other apps, but with InDesign, it messes up a lot of stuff (documents are set for right side binding by default, text flow is wrong direction etc).


      I should add that I downloaded via the FTP link from Adobe, rather than with the Download Manager, which I never was able to get to work for me (it would get to the end of the download and fail—tried oodles of times).


      I have been given to understand though that it's the same download, so that shouldn't be an issue.


      Is there any way to force my InDesign to serve me the USA English version?


      I've tried Adobe chat support for help with this, but didn't receive much help (he wanted me to call InDesign product support, but my 90 days are well past).