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    maximus technology nvidia failed


      Hello Mr. Harm Millaard or anyone how can help

      I saw you  have lots of experience in building computers and editing cards

      And I'd really appreciate if you can help me, i am in a dead end.


      I am a video editor and After Effects animator

      My editing system was Up to now rt.x2 with ADOBE CS3


      I upgraded the system (increased quite a bit)

      And I purchased from B & H two cards edit quadro 4000 and theTesla c2075 for the cs6


      I saw in your publications (unfortunately too late) that the price i paid is higher than the performance I could get with a cheaper cards.


      But at least I the cards were working, but they do not.


      What happens is that, I built the computer

      And when i first start to install windows

      Computer froze on the home screen and i I cant install windows.


      When I took out the Tesla c2075, Everything worked well

      And I installed Windows 7 64Bit.


      The situation now is like that:

      When I install the  TESLA, computer freezes

      When I take it out all is good.



      Motherboard Gigabyte GA-X79-UD5

      Tesla C2075 6 GB GDDR5 PCIe Computing Processor

      nVIDIA Quadro 4000 Display Card

      Core i7-3930K 3.20 GHz Processor

      32 gb memory (8*4)


      I think what remains to do is

      First. Find a way to run the system or Return the card to B & H ($ 2200), it will be problematic because they claim it is special order and they do not do returns (I'll have to convince them)


      I'd love to hear from you hope that you can help me

      I gave up from B & H and NVIDIA


      thanks moshe