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    Adobe flashplayer and McAfee security, why?


      I have been using adobe products both professionally and at home for some time now. Last time I updated adobe flash player it gave me the option of not loading mcafee security and I therefore didn't load it as it causes serious conflicts with much of the software that I have. This time, without warning, mcafee security has been loaded and I am now stuck with trying to solve many conflicts. I therefore have 3 questions:


      1/ Why does adobe insist on bundling software, that people don't want want, with their software without telling them?


      2/ Does adobe look at the web forums, other than it's own, prior to bundling software with their products to see what reactions people have towards the bundled software?


      3/ Has adobe got a contract with mcafee to get their product bundled as many people may be moving away from mcafee due to security issues?


      I used to use mcafee for my virus protection (newly updated) until I had some software deleted by AVG (which at the time was over 20 days old) due to a malicious trogen virus embeded in the software. From that point on I have not trusted mcafee.


      If possible I would like these questions answered, as would many others worldwide.