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    PLEASE HELP! My objects have no stroke/fill unless in publish preview. I can't see what I am doing?


      I have CS6 Flash Professional, Windows 7 Professional, File I am trying to make is an ActionScript 2. I have to use ActionScript 2 for it because it is a school project.  I can click the oval tool, set the stroke size to 2.0 stroke to black, fill to pink and drag to create the oval on the stage. while i am dragging, and when i finish dragging it is still just a thin green outline of an oval. No fill, no thickness to the stroke, and the only color it will be is green. When i click publish preview and load a preview for flash the pop up box shows the oval with 2.00 stroke size, black stroke, and pink fill.





      It seems like no matter what I try to draw or make for the stage it just shows up as this green outline and wont display any of the stroke/fills that i select for them. Is this something in my settings that I need to change?



      If someone could help me out it would be really, really appreciated!!!