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    Broken links after Windows to Mac transfer

    MM in Carlsbad Level 1

      Following a Backup and Restore process to move from PSE 11 on Windows 7 to PSE 11 on Mac (Mt. Lion) I have broken links.  Other catalog info is intact (file name, captions, tags, etc.).  I moved 6 catalogs...only 1 was successful.


        Background:  I started with PSE 10 on Windows 7...installed PSE 11 and converted all catalogs successfully.  Used File, Back Up (Full) process with an external drive to move the files and catalogs to PSE 11 on the Mac (10.8) using File, Restore Catalogs.  I suspect that the issue may be in the portion of the Restore process that allows the choice between Original Location or New Location...seems like I tried both.  The Adobe instructions in the PSE 11 offered step-by-step instructions but didn't elaborate much on the Location issue.  I tried File, Reconnect, Reconnect All Files without success.


      Thanks for your help.


      - Mike -