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    New CF10 install not finding pages when including template in URL.

    cf_code_warrior Level 1

      Just installed Developer edition of CF10.  On a new Windows 2008 server. 


      Registrar pointing to correct server; everything working OK.  Sort of.


      When I type in to my browser at the office (no where near Data Center), the domain resolves fine and I get the home.cfm page display just as it should.


      CF is picking up from IIS the default document home.cfm.


      The menu and other hyperlinks appear and when I click on them I get a 404.  All the files are there.


      When I type in the URL www10.mydomain.com  the home page comes up. 


      When I type in www10.mydomain.com/home.cfm it fails. 


      Which tells me that IIS is correctly going to the right path and displaying the right file.  In the debugging screen I see where a whole bunch of other files have been included. 


      Also when I enable directory browsing in IIS I do not get a listing screen ... be nice to see where IIS thinks it is.


      Why would the inclusion of the actual template send IIS into a tizzy? 


      I restarted CF, IIS to no avail.


      There's got to be something in the IIS panel misconfigured.  Compared it to production servers in same rack - see no difference.


      Default web site is also pointing to same fodler in case it's an IP oddity. 


      Realise this is developer edition and limited to 2 IP addresses.


      And no, the URL is not mydomain!


      Is this a clue ... when I go to browse form within IIS on the server I get a much more detailed screen as to where I am.


      www10.mydomain.com/jakarta/isapi_redirect.dll.  Huh?


      I did see this link, but cannot say I follow it?




      Clearly this didn't install properly.  I seem to have had issues installing every version of CF in the past and it came down to some gibberish in the Web Server configuration tool?