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    Why is my 'SIGN' panel greyed out in X1 Pro  11.0? - 'signing' IS 'allowed' in permissions...


      Hi guys.  So i have been sent a PDF to sign and return by E-mail.  The problem is, the 'sign' panel is 'greyed' out, so i am unable to.

      I checked permissions and signing is 'allowed' for this document. 

      Must i enable additional features?

      [There is no red arrow at the signature line.]


      I have a scanned signature ready to go on my PC.


      All the help videos on this subject are for earlier versions, that have different menus, so they are of little help.


      Even if you don't know what the problem is, if i knew how to 'enable additional features' that would be a start.




      Windows 7 64bit

      12 Gig Ram

      Intel Quad core  2.8GigHz.