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    slices and image swaps

      Hey everyone,

      I'm trying to create a horizontal web menu (navigation). For one or more of the menu options, I want to display a horizontal sub menu. I have created slices and a simple rollover behavior for each link. Also, for Link 1, i have an image swap that swaps the bottom white space with a horizontal sub menu.

      I have two needs:
      1. I need to keep the sub menu displayed when I roll off my Link 1 and into my sub menu, and not disappear until I roll off of the submenu (unless possibly if I roll back onto the link 1).
      2. I would like to create rollover behaviors on the submenu, but cannot figure out how to do so since my web layer is already used to slice the main menu.

      Here is my file http://www.sector-three.com/development/linktest.png, 'save target as' to see what I have done so far.

      Any help is greatly appreciated.