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    How to synchronize recorded audio and video on a sequence?


      I must apologise, English isn't my first language so sorry if this sounds a bit unclear!


      When I started my project I tried to sync my master audio and video files by using Merge Clips. It didn't work out and the audio and video remained out of sync. The programme didn't seem to recognize the markers in the video track and audio track and put them together. The result was always out-of-sync video.

      The project I'm working with is a made-to-order video for a large company and I am in a hurry, so I decided to do the rough cut byt using on-location sounds recorded with the camera mic. Now the rough cut is ready and the sound designer should start his part of the project. But now it feels almost impossible to synchronize the video and the actual boom-recorded audio track together. The video was shot with a digital camera so there is no traditional timecode except the one that Premiere uses.


      When I try to put the video and audio together by using the markers and "Synchronize" -command, the timecode in the video file changes. That means I can't pick the IN and OUT points from the original edited clip and just take the similar clip out of the synchronized clips. I have tried to untick the "use timecode from audio file"-option but it doesn't help. Because of this problem I can't use the EDL either.


      I am in a verge of a nervous breakdown. The video is due in next Friday and the only problem I'm having is this sync issue!


      Is there any way I can sync recorded audio with a ready-edited sequence?

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          Bill Engeler Level 3

          Without matching timecode, it's a little tedious, but it's doable. The source monitor is your friend.


          1. In the sequence, double-click the clip you want to add the audio track to.  It will appear in the source monitor.

          2. Click on the source monitor, then type "-" a few times to zoom out the timeline, until you see the whole clip.  The part that is used in the sequence will be lighter.

          3. Scroll in this clip to find the slate (or any signifigant audio/visual event). At this frame, type "m" to set a marker in the clip.

          4. Now the tedious part. Note the time indication of the clip at the slate, and now scrub to a point in the clip that is actually used in the sequence. Find a point that is some round number away from the slate, a round number of seconds for example. Now press "m" to mark this spot and note the time difference. You should now see a mark in the clip in the sequance.

          5. Go to the project window and find the audio to want to add. Put this into the source window.  Mark the slate, then move ahead X seconds and make another mark. Now you can trim it roughly and add it to the sequence below the DSLR audio track.

          6. Now it should be an easy metter to manually align the marks (forget about the sync command for this). You can verify sync by your ears and also by looking at the wavefroms. Done.