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    Audio losing sync when exporting to .mov


      I've been using Flash for a while now, but I'm still very much inexperienced with exporting .mov files, and this is the first time I have tried to export a large project that contained audio. The problem is that the audio plays faster than the animation, and is very much out of sync by the end, with the audio playing several seconds before it is supposed to. I have tried every setting I can think to change, and tried rendering the same .swf file in After Effects. However, in After Effects, even when I make sure to have audio in the output, the rendered video had no sound. All sound on the timeline is set to stream and not event.


      Any help is appreciated. I honestly don't have much of a clue what I'm doing.

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          moccamaximum Level 5

          1.If you have placed your audio on the timeline, make sure you put everything to stream.

          export a large project

          2.Make sure your computer has a lot of processing power: playing and recording at the same time requires a lot of RAM/CPU, look for idle processes and shut them down.

          3.If nothing helps, record Audio/Video seperately and match them afterwards in AfterEffects/Premiere

          4.Flash has a maximum amount of frames it can handle (16000 := 10 Minutes), if your project is getting near to that limit, try dividing your project.