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    Live Paint Bucket tool problem -> "Clipping paths are not allowed"; how to solve this issue?




      I'm an architecture student from Delft, the Netherlands and I want to take two 3D views from (autodesk) Revit Architecture 2012 to Illustrator CS5 and then make use of the live paint bucket tool*.  I've printed the two 3D views into pdf files and imported them in Illustrator**. When I select the whole image in Illustrator and then click with the Live Paint Bucket tool on the drawing to modify the drawing so I can color the surfaces, Illustrator gives me the following error:




      "The selection contains objects that cannot be converted. Live Paint groups can only contain paths and compound paths. Clipping paths are not allowed."




      How can I solve this issue? Exporting images (jpg, png and tiff) from Revit results in the same error. Is there a way to easily convert my vector drawing into a non-clipping paths drawing? Also I'm not sure if the problem should be found in either Revit or Illustrator. What's also strange is that I'm using a tutorial provided by my university, in which there are no issues with clipping paths or anything.


      Hope you can help me, I've got my deadline wednesday 8th of may 11.59 pm (GMT +1)




      * This in order to make an conceptual image of my building, which I've modeled in Revit. I want to add basic colors to surfaces in Illustrator and then take the image to Photoshop to add shadow, materials, sky etc.

      ** They only consist of lines, using the 'hidden line' visual style in my views in Revit, in case you know a bit of Revit.