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    Complex Effects with Accordion

      Hi all,
      I want to make a menu similar to one that is there on fidelity app, (url ---
      http://personal.fidelity.com/products/trading/Knowledge_Center/application/) under Platforms and tools. I tried doing it without going for custom item renderer's and this is what I felt...

      1. The menu is a smartly tweaked accordion

      2. Whenever click on accordion happens accordion starts resizing in parallel with the expansion of accordion header (or show of item inside accordion if you like) and I am not able to get this effect,in my case first accordion item shows up and then accordion resizes. Please give me solution for this

      3. I am not clear how rotation of the white triangle inside accordion header is achieved, its not with up, down skins I guess, because its a tween not just change of skin

      4. I am not sure but I think I may have to use custom item renderer's even if that is the case please tell me how to go about it....

      Thanks in advance,