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    JQuery challenge!

    shadowfax007 Level 1

      Hello all-


      I'm not sure if this is 100% appropriate but I think it could help a lot of users here, including me :-)


      First off, I'm not asking anyone to help me with a "working, paying project".  This is merely a test I was trying to get working to better understand how Edge and JQuery work together...


      I have been trying to get a specific jquery "plug in" to work within Edge.  In the example file below, there are several "set ups" available.  I was concentrating on the one called: "Angle Offset"(partly because I thought it was one of the easier ones).  Here's the URL to the zipped file for the JQuery plug-in:




      I was thinking that if someone wanted to take a jab at setting this up as a symbol and getting it to work on the stage, that may help a lot of us understand how to import JQuery plug-ins into an Edge project.

      I was trying to set a button on the stage that called this as a symbol - I thought this would be the way most of us might use a JQuery plug-in...


      Since we have so many talented people who are using Edge here on the list, I was hoping that someone might be willing to take the time and enlighten us all on how this might work!


      So, ahead of time, I want to thank whomever for their time and talent spent on taking on this project (I think it is a small project otherwise I would not ask!!).



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          Zaxist Level 4

          This is Very Easy to put Jquery plugins inside Edge


          1- if your plugin have JS file then you should import them by yepnope inside of Stage > compositionReady


          2- if your JS have some command that should run you have to put them inside function of yepnope


          3- if your Plugin use input html method and class you have to append them to a div or Stage

              to Div you will be able to move it easy but to stage you need to css it


          thats all


          i made an example for your plugin


          if you had any Question let me know


          Link to Sample : http://www.mediafire.com/?aba96azpk29ve89

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            Zaxist Level 4

            also you need some modify to html code that java script can undrestand it

            like in your plugin have this html code :


            <input class="knob" data-width="150" data-cursor=true data-fgColor="#222222" data-thickness=.3 value="29">


            you have to change all double quote to a single quote like this


            <input class='knob' data-width='150' data-cursor=true data-fgColor='#222222' data-thickness=.3 value='29'>


            thats because $(" you put them between two double quote ") and java script would find problem with that and you can fix it by change them to single quote

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              shadowfax007 Level 1




              Thank you for the quick response!


              I will take a look at your file and get back to you!!

              I figured this wouldn't be complicated for someone that has done it but for the rest of us hopefully we will learn from this and then be able to help otheres as well!



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                Zaxist Level 4

                you're welcome dear


                you are right, and i tried my best to say it in easy way


                i'm glad that i could help...