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    Indd experts: Is it possible to recover a closed recovered file?




      My intelligence brought me to this hair-pulling moment: I realized that I closed the 16 pages word-document AND the indesign document where I copied the same text and made a design.


      This is a lot of text that I think is lost forever. To be sure: I thought I ask here anyway. Is it possible to recover this?


      There are lots of files in the AppData\Local\Adobe\InDesign\Version 8.0\en_US\Caches\InDesign Recovery folder. Can these InDesign Recovery files be opened somehow?


      Here some interesting ones:


      - InDesign Saved Data (11.588 KB)

      - DBSharingXXXXXXXXX (many files - some "modified" on the day when I worked on the lost file)


      This must have already happened days ago. Wanted to open that document but realized it was gone in both programs.


      Thanks a lot for any imput - I thought I try anyway even though I think that chances to recover this are 1 in a million.