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    Pages are deleted in InDesign for no reason


      I am so confused. This has happened 3 separate times. I have saved the document to a .pdf or I have simply saved the indd document. When I return to the document the pages between 167 and 183 are BLANK. There are no page numbers- nothing- they are missing. The document will resume for 20 pages or so and then more pages will be missing? I have restored from Time Machine but the fact that this has happened 3 times concerns me. Are there issues out there I need to be aware of? Please advise. Thank you.

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          What version of ID? Have you updated tot he latest patch for that version?   I think I remember some bug that caused pages to go blank related to keep options, hyphantion of the last word in a column, or span/split columns in CS6, but I'm afraid I don't recall the details. Do you see any indication of overset text? Is the text there in Story Editor?  Does closing and reopening the file bring it back?

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            evelond Level 1

            Thank you Peter! I am using CS6 so I will download latest patches. I did have overset text on one page. I wonder if correcting it caused the blank pages? I will try your suggestions next time it happens. Thank you for your response. At least I don't feel like I am the one going crazy.