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    Yet Another DVD Menu Template Question

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      A few years ago I used a Menu template that I had successfully modified somewhat from the original design.  The original template as well as the video were put together using PE2.  The template was editted using PS4 (sold as a bundle w/PE2 at the time).  I now want to used the edited/modified version for a video put together using PE10.


      I have tried using the original template as it came from PE2 (in its original form) successfully  --by simply copying the 2 files from PE2 'DVD template directory' to PE10 'DVD template directory'.

      While I have not yet burned the video, when previewed it works well.


      However, when I tried copying and using the 2 modified files from PE2 'DVD template directory' to PE10 'DVD template directory' all I get is a black screen (in PE10, works fine in PE2).


      Any idea as to what PE10 does not like about the editted template; and any suggestions as to what I might try to fix it?

          --I still have PS4 on my original PC.

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          I have gone into the use of Premiere Elements 2 DVD Templates in Premiere Elements 9.0/9.0.1 in depth as far back as 2011.


          However, I am not sure how far I wish to get into this, but for now I will ask:


          1. What specific Premiere Elements 2 DVD Template is the original? What are the names of the main menu and scene menu .psd files for this original menu that existed when you were able to bring that original DVD Template into Premiere Elements 10 and use it in a Premiere Elements 10 DVD-VIDEO on DVD project? Specifically where did you place those DVD Template .psd files in the following Premiere Elements 10 computer path:

          Local Disk C Folder

          Program Files (x86) Folder

          Adobe Folder

          Adobe Premiere Elements 10 Folder

          DVD Templates Folder

          Common Folder

          What is the Folders/Files sequence that follows here to the point where the two .psd files are in an appropriately names folder?


          2. Now as to the modified version of the original, same question as above? Please specify to which original Premiere Elements 2 DVD Template each modification refers back to.


          3. In what way did you modify the original?


          4. What is so special about the modified template that you cannot customized one of the Premiere Elements 10 DVD Templates that came with that program and use it in your DVD-VIDEO on DVD project?



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            Thanks for your reply and interest, below I think I have addressed your questions, please let me know if you need more info.

            The problem I have is that when the modified templates are presented in the list of available templates they are shown as a dark gray rectangle with no graphic details, and cannot be dragged to the editing window.  Yet, the original PE2 template shows up fine in the list of availables and is dragable to the editing window and immediately picks up the text of the Main markers.


            1) The original PE2 template is Rubber Ducky, and the 2 files copied from PE2 to PE10 are:




               For PE10 these files were placed in:

                 c:\ Program Files (86) \ Adobe \ Adobe Premiere Elements 10 \ DVD Templates \ Common \ Custom \ Rubber Ducky \ *.psd

                      Note: a- 'Custom' is a directory I created for the copied templates; 'Rubber Ducky' is the directory for

                                    specific copied template (happens to be the name used in PE2.

                                b- The original PE2 'Rubber Ducky' template seems to work fine in PE10 from either the added "Custom" directory, or if added

                                     to the PE10 'New Baby' directory.


               The PE2 location for these files is:

                 c:\ Program Files \ Adobe \ Premiere Elements 2.0 \ DVD Templates \ en_US\ Custom \Rubber Ducky 2a \ *.psd



            2) The modified PE2 template 'Rubber Ducky 2a' was similarly copied from PE2 to PE10 as:




               For PE10 these files were similarly placed in:

                 c:\ Program Files (86) \ Adobe \ Adobe Premiere Elements 10 \ DVD Templates \ Common \ Custom \ Rubber Ducky 2a | *.psd



            3) Pictures of template --only the main menu was used (mm)


                      Modified  mm                                           Modified mm  (if needed)                             Original mm

                      (added extra MAIN Menu items text only and re-arranged alignment on screen; (did not used the scene menu)

                  >>>Apparently my attempt to paste the images did not work.  I tried the URL shown in the e-mail notification of your reply, but it simply takes me back to your reply, not to image posting info<<<



            4) Three years ago I used the modified Rubber Ducky template for the birth of one of my grandsons; I now want to use

               the same template for his new brother.

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              Thanks for the follow up and the details.


              Based on my prior work on this matter a few years back and the specific nomenclature required for .psd file names and Layer Sets and their components for versions later than version 2.0, I am amazed that you were able to use the original (as is) Premiere Elements 2.0 DVD Rubber Ducky DVD Template in Premiere Elements 10 at all.


              There was a major change in the DVD menus after Premiere Elements 2. Gone is the system with a NTSC and PAL designation for the .psd file where there would be a standard and widescreen version for NTSC and a standard and widescreen version for PAL. Starting with version 3.0, all menus have a PAL designation and sizing whether they are to be used in a NTSC or PAL project.


              In the case of my in depth studies with Premiere Elements 9.0/9.0.1 and certain PAL templates from version 2.0, the only way that I got all but one to work successfully and consistently without having to rebuild the Layer Palette, was to change the file name.




              For Premiere Elements 2 Adventure




              Changed to...




              The Premiere Elements 2 DVD Template Swing just would not work.


              The current system bases on a PAL sizing beside the PAL nomenclature in the file name.


              All that being said, I have no idea how you managed with an NTSC .psd file for the Rubber Ducky with its 720 x 480, not 720 x 576, sizing in Premiere Elements 10.


              The even stranger part of all this is that I just imported the original Premiere Elements 2.0 NTSC version of Rubber Ducky into Premiere Elements 10 and it worked.


              I would strongly encourage you to change the file name of the original and the modified so that NTSC is replaced by PAL.












              and have the Premiere Elements 10 project preset (new project dialog) set for NTSC DV Standard.


              I will think about this some more as we await your results.





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                Thanks again for your help and suggestions, I’m not quite sure how to explain what I found but I’ll start by responding to your first suggestion.


                I changed changed the file names as you suggested –no joy.



                However, I then re-named my modified file names to be the original unmodified filenames, everything worked as desired.

                Next I burned the project and the modified menu works as expected/desired.


                As it stands now the file names of the modified menus and the original PE2 stock menus are:




                Could it be possible that buried in the original files is a reference to its (original) actual filename; and re-naming the modified file causes a mis-match?


                Exploring this idea a little, I changed the filenames of the original files.  Upon trying to drag the original template to the project I get an error message:

                      “Sorry, a serious error has occurred that requires Adobe Premier Elements to

                        shut down. We will attempt to save your current project.”


                Thus it would appear that if the modified file retains its original name (but is placed in its own uniquely named directory) it will work in PE10.


                So for now, problem solved.  Thanks again.

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                  Great news about your success in getting the wanted DVD Templates to work for you.. Amazing story with regard to the strict requirements for creating those .psd files versus your results. Often (^) instead of (^^) in a subLayer Set of a major Layer Set in the .psd dooms the menu to failure in the program.


                  In the near future I will look into this further. Near future, rather than immediately, since you are presently OK


                  Continued success.