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    Director/Lingo Game HELP Please!!

    DirBuddy12 Level 1

      I have created a game using Director written in Lingo, for a uni project. We have been set requirements which include not being allowed to use the go to frame x behaviour.


      So instead I decided to use this code:


      on mouseDown me

        _movie.go("Levels", "IslandMission")





      IslandMission being the name of the file and Levels to be the name of the marker.


      This code works but it asks to save the game if it hasn't already been before it will move to the desired destination. This was only a small issue that was able to overcome but I new issue has arised. When the background of the game has been selected it jumps to a frame within the game everytime, I have never set the background on any frame to be linked to any other frame. This makes my game impossible to play as it involves clicking moving sprites.


      Any help on what code I can use instead that won't cause these issues would be greatly appreciated thank you.