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    GTX 660 TI and steps with CS5.5

    nickflix Level 1

      Hi. I've found a few sites with the steps to follow for getting premiere et al. to work with gtx 660 ti video card.  But a bunch are about installing with cs 6 and i still have 5.5.  can anyone advise as to any differences?  Some sites indicated there were a couple different steps from 5 to 6.  thanks very much.          and just as a note, the reason I'm putting in a new one is that I was watching youtube today and had watched about 30 mins worth, i got BSOD but before that I briefly got a message on the lower right about the display adapters stopping working.  If anyone has an opinion on that, please let me know.  the current card is ATI RADEON HD 540.  It's definitely old, but the motherboard and processor are brand new