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    access catalogs after Revel?


      I have over 100 tags and 1000's of photos.  How do I continue to access these after Revel? Is there another program that can equal this excellent filing system?

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          Scott V Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Was this a duplicate post from the other post that I answered to you?

          For additional helpful information regarding Revel , please see our main FAQ Forum http://forums.adobe.com/community/ps.com_sharing_and_storage



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            ACJS Level 1

            I am confused because some email replys come to me addressed to "Jim".  I am not Jim.  somehow I acquired the moniker ACJS, and that is OK as long as it is consistent.

            How would you handle this situation if you were the one impacted:

            You borroweded genealogically important photos from family members now deceased and scanned them into Photoshop Elements 9.  While the person was living and could be interviewed, you captioned the photos and put them into key word folders, one for each year, cross-filed by family name, and returned the photos (which are not labeled) to the now deceased family member.  As I understand it, and as it has been shown to me already when I looked at Revel, no data is included in trarnsferred photos.  It appears to me that  years of irreplaceable information has disappeared never to be seen again.  To say that this is upsetting is a monstrous understatement.

            I am not a computer geek.  When I bought Elements a couple of iterations ago,  I felt confident that my information was safe, because I have a Seagate backup and Carbonite.  Will either of these get my filing system back?

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              Scott V Adobe Employee (Admin)

              Your name appears as Charlyn in our data base under the forum name ACJS. It sounds like you had spent a great deal of time and effort sorting your family photos.

              Currently Revel does not display any metadata or tags that you may have added to the images. Which means that when you upload an image to Revel, it will not display the file name. It does show the date that the image was taken. That being said, the data and the tags are not lost or removed during the upload.The information is still safe and contained in the image file. Its just that Revel does not display the data. This is a feature request that many other users have requested to be included in a future update for Revel. I will add a vote for you on this feature request. I know this can be very frustrating as users want to be able to see their metadata for the images.


              You can add captions for the iamges if you are using the Revel mac app, Ipad or Iphone. The captions do have an appearance that shows like a title of the image. If you are a pc user and using Adoberevel.com, you can not add captions but it does display them.



              While Revel offers some of the top features from Photoshop.com, it doesn't offer everything.  We know that can be frustrating.  We are working very hard to deliver more capabilities and expand onto new platforms, devices, and file formats.