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    Background Noise Measurement using AS3 on iOS


      Hi All,


      I was hoping someone could provide me with a suggestion on how to measure background noise, within Flash Pro CS6, using an iOS device microphone? After searching various nooks and crannys around the net, I've been able to find examples of how similar tasks have been completed, using the Xcode IDE, but have fallen short with the Flash Pro.


      Can anyone suggest a means of using the iOS microphone to measure background noise, or an inbuilt extension, where I can record audio and provide a measurement?


      All I really want to do is make sure the background noise is not above a certain level before progressing to the game (which is a sound memory game).


      If possible, the data would potentially be used to increase the volume of the device to ensure the audio can be heard (so it will sort of be used for a calibration), or prompt the user with an error stating that the background noise is too loud and to move to a quieter environment.


      Any suggestions would be great, I'm not looking for someone to do the work- just hopefully point me in the right direction.