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    Shapes will not align correctly!


      Look at the photo I provided.


      The rectangle will not to the circle correctly or evenly and it's driving me crazy.

      This has been happening too much recently and I move on and find a way around it.

      I've had enough though.


      I'm just so mad right now, words can not even express.


      I've turned off and on Snap to point, Snap to grid, Smart guides.

      Everytime I drag the rectangles edges to the circles, they magically somehow snap back to the original spot or further than I wanted it.

      Nothing fixes it. I'm extremely furious! Why is the edge of my circle able to be there but not the edge of the rectangle?!


      I've even tried to increase and decrease the shapes. Still, nothing.

      Someone please... Help me...

      5-6-2013 2-12-42 AM.png