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    tags dissociated


      I had to move from one hard disk to another.  I imported all my photos, in all subdirectories, successfully.  Then I was prompted to import tags, because PSE 11 identified that there were tags associated with the photos.  The result was that I got all the tags, but none are associated with any photo - they seem to just be available for new assignment.  I have thousands of photos.  Can I not automatically associate the tags that PSE 11 obviously knew were there with the photos they came from?

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          andaleebfatima1 Adobe Employee

          The tag associations should be there. Please ensure tha file details are turned on in View menu. Also, try search on these tags to know if any media is assocated to them or not. To search, click on the ">" chevron sign which appears when you hover mouse over the tags in tag panel.




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            JKR98116 Level 1

            Well, that worked in May.  Last week Elements dumped my whole Library again.  On reimporting only a very small fraction of tags were restored.  Quite frustrating.



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              ShutterClutter Level 1

              I don't know if this is your circumstance, but this morning I discovered that the PSE11 Organizer wasn't responding to my clicking on any of the tags I'd brought over from PSE8 last week (several dozen tags with upwards of 7000 media), whereas last week it was working perfectly.


              What apparently had happened was that there was a tag already selected, but the keywords/tag panel at the top of the workspace did not appear after I'd clicked on a tag. Subsequent clicking on any other tag added to the keyword search, but I could not see that. I closed PSE11, shut down and restarted my computer and everything resolved itself.


              As I said, I'm very fresh to PSE11, so I apologize in advance if the descriptions I've used above are not exact.