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    Create/update consecutively-numbered markers?


      I have a 200+-page CS5 document in which I need to place several hundred consecutively-numbered markers. There may be anywhere from 0 to 12 markers on a page, and they must be numbered left-to right, top to bottom from the beginning to the end of the document. I will occasionally have to insert or delete markers, requiring subsequent markers to be renumbered.


      Does this require a script, or could I do something with footnoting? Or outlining? Wouldn't I have to link the text boxes to make either of those work?


      I have done this for smaller documents where I had to manually number/renumber every marker, but in a document this size, that would take hours.


      I am comfortable with programming, and have a very slight familiarity with JavaScript, but not a clue where to start for something like this. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.