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    How to redirect to the same page ?

    gokul1242 Level 1

      i am using the following code to open a file on a cfm page ie.,when user clicking on a hyperlink it opens the cfm page and displays the pop up to save the file 


      <cfif isdefined("url.isemailPopUP") and trim(url.isemailPopUP) eq "Y">

      <cfif isdefined("url.fileName")>

      <cfif #find(url.fileName,#fileWithThePath#,1)#>

      <cfheader name="Content-Disposition" value="attachment; filename=#url.fileName#">

      <cfcontent type="text/plain" file="#fileWithThePath#"> 







      but after the file has been downloaded .it does not displays the contents of the page or  redirects to the same page ....


      i have used cflocation. but it does not help....

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          Steve Sommers Level 4

          You can't. Downloaded files do not do html or script processing, they only download the file. In some cases you can use the "target" parameter to spawn a child window when the user clicks the link for the download, but depending on the browser this will work perfectly or come across as bulky because a stray empty window will be left behind.