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    are categories and keyword files accessible in Revel


      When my photos are moved to Revel will I be able to continue to use my very extensive sorting and filing system?  I have spent huge numbers of hours organizing my thousands of photos and it sounds like it was all in vain.  And I recently purchased Elements 11, which probably I won't be able to use either, if my filing system is defunct.

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          Scott V Adobe Employee (Admin)


          Currently Revel does not display any tags or metadata. While Revel offers some of the top features from Photoshop.com, it doesn't offer everything.  We know that can be frustrating.  We are working very hard to deliver more capabilities and expand onto new platforms, devices, and file formats. We do receive many requests from other users to have the ability to show tags and metadata for photos in Revel. I will add a vote for your for this feature as we submit a list of future improvement requests to the product team. As for sorting your images, you can have your images in different albums.

          The link below will show you how to move pictures in different albums. Are you a pc user or a mac user? If you are a PC user using Adoberevel.com, there is only the option to sort between Newest and Oldest. If you are using the Revel mac app, Ipad or Iphone, then you can add Event Name and Date and time info to the images using the track view. When you can then sort by event or date for your images.

          revelwebsort.jpg Eventsort.jpg eventdate.jpg sortallphoto.jpg



          Please see our FAQ Forum post "How do I upload photos to Revel"  http://forums.adobe.com/message/5114160#5114160 as there are screen shots to show you how to upload from Elements 11 to Revel.

          Let me know if you have any other questions