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    Stop and play after image load?


      Hi NG,


      i have a timeline with random picture. On the end i start from the beginning.....but on the beginning i select via random from different pictures .... than i load the one to the image symbol.

      Its working perfect, only sometimes it shows me for some seconds the picture what was loading before. Looks like it is loading the new not fast enoth and shows the "old one". After loading it use the correct one.


      this is how i deside the picture "to load" on the beginning:

      sym.$("product").attr('src', 'images/prod_'+ ran_number +'.png' );



      So in flash i will build a preloader....what sop and start after the picture is loadet.

      Is there any idea how to fix this? Is there any way to stop on the beginning to the time the new pic is loadet and than start?



      Thanks for help!