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    Locating menu templates

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      I'm using a PC with Win 7 64bt, Pre11 and I want to customize a DVD menu but have been unable to locate them.  I have already 'download all'  the templates, (no longer a blue ribbon on them)


      According to the video tutorial, they should be in:   C:Program Data/Adobe/Premiere Elements/11.0/Online/DVD Templates/All_Lang


      However, my 'C' drive (where program is installed) does not have either of:   'Program Data'    'Online'   or   'All_Lang' folders

      It does have Program files  and while searching in here, I found a folder for 'Premiere Elements' and an '11.0' folder, and a 'DVD Templates' folder, but then only a 'Slideshows' folder that only contained 'Pan and Zoom'.   I have done windows searches for these missing files and folders and template names etc,  with no luck so far.

      Is there an alternate folder or path these get saved to as there is no control when downloading the content within Pre Elements.


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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          Several essential questions that need answers


          1. Do you have Folder Options "Show Hidden Files, Folders, and Drives" active? If not, do so.


          2. Have you installed the template(s) that you want from with the Tools/Movie Menu area of an opened project? Do that first.

          BEFORE...all you have in Online Folder area are bare assets for the template. The .psd files that the program needs and that you seek for the template are obtained in the download process to which I refer. That will automatically put the .psd files (among other things) in the correct folder in the Program Data route.


          The DVD menus can be found in two places:


          a. The majority of them which require online downloading from within the program (no more Content disc)

          Local Disk C

          Program Data


          Premiere Elements



          DVD Template


          Category Folder

          Theme Folders



          b.The DVD templates that came with the program are in the Program Files route. That is the location where I appropriately place any DVD menus that I modify or create for Premiere Elements 11.


          Please review the above and let us know the outcome.





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            P1965 Level 1

            Thanks for the quick update.

            1) I haven't checked the folder options for hidden - that may be the issue (why I don't see the Program Data file)

            2) Yes, installed all templates and further opened the one I want to edit within a project.


            Thanks again, I will check the folder options.


            (One thing I found frustrating with Win 7, is that when changing the window and folder options, they don't seem to retain their respective customized settings....)

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              1) That was the problem, hidden files.  I was sure I turned that on a long time back.... Anyway, found the templates and edited with success, thanks!

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                Great news. Thanks for the follow up. Much appreciated.