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    Create HiRes Pdf files online


      Hello, is it possible to create online HiRes Pdf's with crop marks incorporated ?  We would like to create an online wizard that creates HiRes Pdf's as a result of some text fields and pictures our peers have to upload. So, in a few steps :

      A. User selects a layout online

      B. Uploads text and picture for that layout

      C. Server code generates layout, so far so good, but then...

      D. "Some tool or plug-in" Parses HIRES PDF file for printers.


      Does anyone know a solution for this ?   Thanks, Kristof.

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          Josh_Corey Adobe Employee



          We don't support this type of workflow, maybe someone can jump in with more help...


          I am doubtful this would give you what you want but if you can create a form online that you can use as your template using our online form creation tool you could then download the form without the submit button.  You can use the Form Setup to define the page size when saved as PDF.  You could then edit this form in Acrobat adding crop marks and possibly converting to a Hi Res PDF to meet your needs.