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    Unable to stop Flashplayer 11.5 from prompting for update


      Hi, I support about 3000 machines worldwide.  We use Windows 7 x64, with IE10.  In my base image I Installed Flashplayer ActiveX 11.5.502.146, using the full EXE installer and the switches -install -au2 (i do not want any updates done or users to get any prompts for updates).  The MMS.cfg created using these switches shows 2 lines:



      and is located in the x64 path c:\windows\syswow64\macromed\flash

      In the Flash Player settings manager, the advanced tab shows the radio button selection "Never check for updates (not recommended) is selected (this is greyed out because all of our users run under standard user permissions). Installation runs fine and the product works fine in IE, the problem I have is that my users are still prompted by the Update Adobe Flashplayer message on a weekly basis.

      I looked at the admin guide for 11.5, and I believe my settings are right.  Why am I still getting this prompt?  Does mms.cfg have to be in the x86 path as well?  Is there something with standard user rights as it relates to adobe updates?  Should I install this from the MSI?

      I can't update to 11.7 right now as we are getting ready to start rolling out my image and don't want to make changes at this time.   I'm looking for any input on what I may be doing wrong that I continue to see update prompts.  Thanks in advance for any information, and I'd be happy to provide additional info if I left out something.