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    Why does anchoring break word wrap?

    wwzeitler Level 1

      I have a 200+ page typical book--one big column per page (two facing pages), and about 30 images/illustrations scattered throughout the book (at most one image per page). Most of the images are, say, half the column wide, and I want the text to flow around them. So I place the image in a reasonable spot and select Word Wrap | Wrap Around Bounding Box. Looks great so far. Then I anchor it--and the first line of text flows UNDER the image frame. Release the anchor and it word wraps correctly. When it's anchored I've tried both Wrap Around Bounding Box and Wrap Around Object, and various other word wrap options--the first line of text still wraps under the image frame. But all is well once I release the anchor. I'm a newbie--what am I missing?

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          wwzeitler Level 1

          It seems to not-work-as-expected if I place the anchor in text that is being word wrapped--that is, anywhere horizontal to the image. If I place the anchor in text above the image, that isn't being wrapped, it appears to work as expected. Sadly, this would suggest that if I want to place an image next to the paragraph that references it, and place the anchor inside the paragraph that references the image, that word wrapping won't work.

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            John Mensinger Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            It can be confusing. The anchored object's text wrap doesn't affect the line which contains the anchor. This is as designed.


            Once you know this, you can anchor the object accordingly, knowing that text wrap will begin with the next line.