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    Playback of HD video with PE10 (Windows XP, SP3) very ragged.

    DrDtMM Level 1

      I am the Exec Producer and editor (since 2008) of an ongoing series of concert videos of a community symphonic wind ensemble. We shoot 4-camera videos mixed in real time. The post-production process consists primarily of adding front and overlay titles and end credits. Unfortunately, because of one problem or another, it often involves replacing the audio with tracks recorded separately (often for backup purposes) by our audio engineer. Until our most recent concert, the editing of which I finished yesterday, I was being given SD (letter box) video in mp4 format as a starting point. When I have had to replace the original audio, as long as the video recorded the conductor's downbeat, it has been very easy to synchronize the new audio (which I would receive as two or three .aif files, depending upon the format of the concert) because it is easy to locate the first frame of a clip that contains music (sound). I would make sure that the frame containing the downbeat lined up with the first frame containing audio. I would then back up the CTI a few seconds and watch/listen to make sure that I got it right (With some conductors, it is impossible to tell visually exactly where his/her beat is unless one has experience with that particular conductor. Trust me: I have been a concert percussionist for nearly 60 years; this is absolutely true.) Fortunately, the Concord Band Music Director and our Assistant Conductor, who conduct us most of the time, both have beats that are at the bottom of their baton movements.


      With the project just completed, I received HD mp4 files, and, once again, had to replace the included audio tracks with .aif files supplied separately. The problem is that the video doesn't run smoothly or appear to be in synch with the audio. They are, of course, synchronized; but because PE10 doesn't seem to be able to display the video fast enough, it doesn't look that way. I thought that the problem might be that the graphic/display subsystem on my PC's mother board might not have sufficient power. So I had an NVIDIA GEFORCE GT 610 display controller card installed: no effect. (However, it probably does speed up rendering, so the >$100 that I spent wasn't a total waste.) The only way I could verify the accuracy of my manual synchronization was to create a video in final form (though it need not be very long) and then look at it carefully. Unfortunately, I thought that I had it right, so I had PE10 create a DVD of the entire concert only to find that the middle section wasn't close to being properly synchronized.


      The question is whether there is some way to get PE10 to display HD video fast enough during the editing process to keep up with the audio. The quality of the display isn't terribly important, its smoothness is.




      Dan Diamond