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    Office 365 + CF Mail

    kodemonki Level 1

      I am trying to send mail using ColdFusion (8) and Office 365, but I'm not sure what username to use in either the Mail Settings in CF Administrator or using a regular CFMail tag. 


      Any help is much appreciated!

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          carl type3 Level 4


          CF8admin > Server Settings > Mail and some comments.

          User name       
          If your mail server requires authentication, you can specify a user name and password to use.

          -0365 requires authentication so use a valid 0365 account details.

          Server Port  
          The default port number for mail servers. The standard SMTP mail server port is 25. 
          -0365 will not be accepting requests on port 25 use valid port EG 587.

             Enable TLS connection to mail server
          Select this check box to enable Transport Level Security (TLS) on the connection to the mail server.

          -0365 will only allow secure (makes sense because it's cloud) so enable TLS.

          HTH, Carl.

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            kodemonki Level 1

            I'm trying to figure out *which* username and password to use, and where to find that info.  I could give it my personal account information, but I doubt that'll let me send mail from other accounts.  The developers shouldn't know everyone's authentication info.  I want to be able to send emails from anyone at my company or any of our aliases. 

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              sheila2 Level 1

              Did you ever figure out what username to use to enable sending as any user on your system? I have the same problem.

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                Kaif Akbar Level 1

                Passing authentication for Office 365 Admin account at CF server may allow other developers to send email..