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    <cfpresentation> does not keep formatting as coded


      I am creating a PPT using the <cfpresentation> tag using coldfusion 9.0.1.  The presentation gets generated, however the information within is not getting displayed as it is coded.  I am using <div> tags to specify font size,weight, and margins. However, when it is generated in PPT, the font size, and margins are different than what was specified.  I also have a <ul> that lists out a title followed by a - and then the comment.  When this is generated in PPT, the title is given and the - comment follows, but the space before and after the - are not being displayed correctly.  Sometimes it shows, oftentimes if the title is longer it looks like it is starting underneath the title and then continues.  This is frustrating as this slide is dynamically generated and the data is different each time,  so programming for these anomalies is not acceptable.  Any ideas on how to make the code and presentation show exactly as coded, i.e. font size, margins etc.