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    SWF Free Standing Presentation (k)

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      We have a presentation we built about 10 years ago in Director that is
      in major need of an overhaul. We use it for new business pitches and it
      was authored for a 640x480 screen. Yup, it's that old.

      Anyway, we are going to redo it from scratch. I'd like to do it in
      Flash. It starts with a client menu that you can click on to see our
      work for that particular client. Work can be print, web, audio, tv,
      flash, etc.

      Right now, you go to a client and you just go through the stuff in the
      order it was programmed.

      I would like the new presentation to be a bit more flexible and I wanted
      to get some ideas about how best to handle this.

      I was thinking about storing all materials in a Filemaker database and
      pulling from there, but that seems tough. The goal is for a
      non-technical person to be able to go in prior to a presentation and
      organize stuff as they want. Kinda like PowerPoint(which I loath) on

      How would you handle this? An external XML file? Develop a content
      management FLA/SWF that a presenter could go into and arrange things
      there that is then called into the actual presentation FLA/SWF?

      Any thoughts would be appreciated. Just keep in mind that this is a
      local(non-web) presentation, so connecting to a SQL database would be
      more difficult. It is also on a Macintosh only platform.

      Maybe all this can be accomplished in Apple Keynote?