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    login registered user automatically




      I have two use cases where user should get login automatically without prompting him login page.

      In detail:

      Case 1:

      As soon as user is registered we should make him login and redirect to home page.

      Case 2:

      Whenever a promotional email sent to registered users and if he tries to access any site link, then we should show the page directly without prompting him the login page.


      All our sites are CUG enabled sites, so whenever a request is coming for a CUG page, the request was redirected to login page automatically if user is not logged in.


      But we want to suppress this behavior and make him login in above two use cases.



      Currently we are using token based authentication to our sites by extending AbstractAuthenticationHandler.


      In forums I found that we can use SSO Handler, but there was no detail explanation on that.


      Any suggestions are worth welcomed.