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    why does pprocs6 crash when i move clips in timeline??? [ error: ... linkcontainer.cpp-245 ]


      I am currently editing a short film which is only about 25-30mins long with nothing out of the ordinary in the timeline. There are a couple of nested sequences but most of it is .MTS (AVCHD from Sony NEX VG20) and .WAV files for audio (inc some 5.1 audio from camera).


      Some of the channels are locked so they dont move but other than that nothing strange or particualry intensive is being done. Some of the clips are 25fps and some are 60fps but this shouldnt be a proplem for PProCS6!

      The sequence settings are AVCHD 720, 24fps,

      I am running a core2duo 2.16cpu/8gbram/ creative cloud OS and program on C: drive, footage on esata G: drive and scratch drive O: drive is another usb 2.0 drive.


      As soon as I move the clips in the timeline as a group I get this error come up (see screengrabs below) "... linkcontainer.cpp-245"


      please help

      None of my searches have given me an answer, one person even said "reinstall software" [nonesense!!!]


      I am just days away from submitting my short film for my final major project at Uni and the film is worth 50% of my module... basically I could fail if film isnt handed in!


      ppro crash.jpgppro crash2.jpg