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    How content-aware fill with smart objects

    DavePinMinn Level 1

      I've done a (hopefully) fairly exhaustive search, and don't see anything on how to use these things together...


      Open an image as a smart object.  Add a layer for cloning and healing.  Maybe add a curves adjustment layer and/or a hue/sat adjustment layer.  Adjust things as needed.


      Decide you want to extend the background on one side.  Increase the canvas on that side.  Select the chunk of canvas.  What process should be used to employ the content-aware fill for that new piece of canvas?  I don't seem to be able to have the smart object layer selected.  If I have another layer selected the fill fails saying there aren't enough opaque (?) pixels.

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          DavePinMinn Level 1

          Oddly, I can't even find any discussion on this anywhere...  There's got to be a better way than what I've tried so far.


          At present the only way I've found is to

          duplicate the smart object

          rasterize it

          select the part to fill

          do the content-aware fill

          leave the selection on and copy/paste the selection so it's on a new layer

          delete the rasterized copy of the smart object


          There's gotta be a better/smarter/faster way than this...  How are other people doing this?

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            casper11 Level 1

            I'm not sure if this will resolve the issue, but try:


            - Place the image first

            - On Layers panel, use Command + J to duplicate it. (Lock the original layer and work from duplicate).

            - From the top menu options, go to Layer > Smart Objects > Rasterize

            - Select the area you'd like to fix using Lasso or Patch tool, until 'marching ants' are activated

            - Edit Fill should now be usable!


            Hope you see this response.

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              you are a genius, just made my day!

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                D Fosse Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                What this all boils down to, is that you can't edit the pixel content of a smart object. The reason this is so, is that a smart object doesn't contain pixels at all - it's just a reference to another, separate file.


                To edit the content, you can do one of two things:

                • you can access that other separate file contained within the smart object. You do this by double-clicking the smart object icon, so that it opens in its own separate window. Then you can edit the content.
                • Or you can rasterize it, in which case it's no longer a smart object.


                To use a metaphor, a smart object is a mirror. You see it, but you can't reach out and touch what you see.

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                  davescm Adobe Community Professional

                  Alternatively after extending your canvas,


                  1. Add a new layer at the top

                  2. Select the blank area of the image

                  3. Use the patch tool set to content aware and "sample all layers" to fill the gap on the empty layer