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    Graphics card recommendation


      Hi all,

      So I just got a mac to replace my old PC, it's not brand new but it's a second hand Mac Pro 2x2.26 Ghz Quad (2009).

      It came with a nvidia gt120 512mb, so I'm going to upgrade the graphics card and I wanted to get some recommendations from people who know the stuff.  Ideally I'd like to spend maybe around 300$ for the card, so what's the best I can get around this price range?


      I'm going to use this for video and sound editing, color grading and of course after effect compositing in CS6.

      Should I go nvidia or ATI?

      Is the quadro 600 any good? (it's not super expensive and supports CUDA right?)

      Should I look into PC cards flashed for Mac?  And if so which model would be a good fit?

      If you were in my position which card would you get?


      Also I'm planning on using a SSD for cache only.  Will that increase the performance of the system a lot?  Would 128GB SSD would be enough knowing I will use it ONLY for cache purposes?


      Thank you