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    Edge Animate - future perspective

    mari8899 Level 1

      I'm using Edge since beta versions etc. and as an internet user and developer with over 17 years doing web stuff I have few comments to share about Edge Animate.

      In short I don't like it, I don't see any purpose of it.


      First of all we have Flash that can do ALL that and beyond that, what Adobe should have done is implement better export options for Flash and problem solved.

      Edge Animate 1.5 has so many issues that i don't know where to start, from GUI (user interface) to all those functions, bugs and problems...

      To consider there are much more Flash developers, designers, animators than for Edge Animate, so you would think that it would better to make it similar to Flash for those devs to better understand its functionality.

      I don't know who works at the Adobe, but I could write like 30 maybe even 40 pages just explaining what is wrong and how it can be better, and you have people on salary there perhaps 50 of them working on Edge Animate who couldn't figure out all the issues...


      I truly don't know where to start Flash's timeline is waaay better, much more advanced, much more flexible etc..

      Simply you can't compare Edge Animate with anything, except with Flash version 2 or maybe 3.0 from the 90's, I've red few articles online already about that, offered coding option is so much similar to ooold Flash 3.0.


      I have no idea why the waste of time and money developing something new from scratch, when you already have top notch professional tool that should have been upgraded for better HTML5 export or JS.


      TIP for Adobe: If you really want to continue working on Edge Animate and not make same mistake as LiveMotion, get proper expert for positions of project manager or product manager, because current one(s) don't see the obvious mistakes in first version, and I do belive that with those salary some folks do have some experience that are hired to work on such product...

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          shadowfax007 Level 1

          At the risk of getting flamed or starting a war, I thought I'd give some of my thought as well :-)


          I too have been designing/developing for more than 18 years.  I've seen great changes over the years and some not so good!


          I feel that if Adobe thought there was a way to keep Flash running on devices other than desktops, they would have.  After all, as you stated, Flash is a very stable, mature and powerful software application.


          You also stated that Flash is still available to developers and that's great.  I think, however, that at some point many of us would rather build our projects once and not have one built in Flash and another in something like Edge to work on the other devices.  Of course,there will be those times when perhaps Flash will be the only alternative for certain projects.


          As for Edge Animate.  It is a very young application, trying to utilize a very young HTML5 and CSS3 (I know, I know - They have been around - I'm talking about browser implementation of these two and "standardization").  They(the Adobe Edge team) are trying to write an application as the different browsers continually upgrade their standards of use, which can be a bit hard to do!


          I also think that when you look at the age of Edge (It really got going some time in early 2012), it is rather remarkable that it can do what it does as stable as it does!  It's not just Edge - Adobe has been working on several "Edge" products to enhance the line but I'll stick with Edge for the moment.


          Over the past year and a half, Edge has come a long way and I for one am quite pleased with the development roadmap.  I'm also quite pleased (and a bit surprised given the maturity of the application) at the "cleanliness" of the code produced!

          I get the feeling that the Edge team, along with wanting to add as many features as they can into each release, has been focused rather well on stability - The only stability problems I have had turned out to be my own doing!


          So my hat's off to the Edge team; For both where they have come in such a short amount of time and where they are going!  Not to mention their participation here on the discussion list - That shows (to me) a personal level, or desire, to keep close to the designers using Edge so they know what they are doing and where they need to go!



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            mari8899 Level 1

            I know what you're saying, but still I don't understand why export features couldn't been integrated into Flash and all problems solved, instead they are creating whole different software, new software to learn, new software that can't do 5% of Flash capabilities etc... doesn't make any sense to me.

            I understand product is young, but that's the whole point, why develop something new when you have it already.

            You already have something in your house already built and you just need to spruce it up a bit, but no let's rather do something completely new and waste time and money for both Adobe and consumers - we consumers have to learn new Edge stuff, that aren't working same as Flash, so losing time on that instead just have export in Flash. Flash has one of the best Timeline's ever, it's very flexible and easy to use.


            Basics from Flash could already been implemented into Edge, but I don't see any of that, but trust me I've seen more than few bugs in Edge, and since you have Flash to look at they could have "steal" stuff from there and make it a better product, but at the end of the day, like on from the internet articles says, what's the point of having second Flash software ?


            My suggestion is the best, spruce up the Flash, don't waste time or money (you Adobe), Flash only needs better export, Flash is already strong brand world-wide, everyone knows Flash no need for 2nd software.

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              resdesign Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              I understand your frustration and points but insulting Sarah Humt, the project manager, and the rest of the Edge team working on the edge dev is not very constructive.

              Edge is young and is improving with every new release. Flash would have been abandoned if they had listen to the same complainers when they were at version 1.0.

              Besides, no one is forcing you to use Edge. You can always stay with Flash and check out Edge from time to time until it meets your expectations.

              As for me I have had no issue with Edge as it has done for me exactly what I wanted.  I had more functionality as they become available directly in Edge or use jquery plugins when needed since they load in edge without any problem.


              The Edge team welcomes any constructive input from people and are always gracious to the users however happy or unhappy they are. This is one purpose for this forum. So why don't you send them your 40-page improvement paper?


              So thank you Edge team! Keep up the good work. There are lots of people here that support you!

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                mari8899 Level 1

                I'm not insulting anyone, but someone who is a project manager can't see that there are differences within the same GUI, for me is uncapable project manager. Besides i don't wanna get into details about Edge as I could seriously write 30 pages about whats wrong and how it can be done differently.

                I think there is too many people working on Edge when they can't see beginners mistakes.


                I understand you like Edge team etc, but the fact is I know that nobody will never answer me to the real question why Edge Animate in the first place, why export wasn't built in Flash? there is no need for Edge Animate if you simple just implement export into Flash. When I say export I mean export to HTML5/CSS3/JS.


                Constructive criticism is this:

                Flash already has such partial export option and just make it full and 'tada' it's all done, no more need for another animated software.

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                  resdesign Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  We can agree to disagree but still, there is no need for ad hominem concerning the Edge team.

                  (FYI: an ad hominem, short for argumentum ad hominem, is an argument made personally against an opponent instead of against their argument. Ad hominem reasoning is normally described as an informal fallacy, more precisely an irrelevance.)

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                    mari8899 Level 1

                    That is you conlusion not mine, beside main reason why EdgeAnimate exists I see errors, bugs and problems within Edge Animate software, if that is for you ad hominem when I speak about software problem, than it seems we don't understand each other, or you don't want to understand the real issue and keep poping up 'thanks to the team' with no real reason for it.

                    Why would this thread or forum in general be always about praising people or team? if you want to have such forum only then this isn't democracy. I didn't praise anyone but certainly didn't insult anyone either, if someone feels incapable at their work, that is his/her problem, you draw out this topic, not me!


                    Besides you're just moving away from the real topic. As I've said nobody will answer to the main problem/question, I see I will only get non-topic comments, just to divert from the real issue.


                    Oh and btw, I've spoken my big share of thanks to Macromedia and Adobe over the past 15 years and not just on forums but in real newspaper articles, but when I see a problem/issue I will speak about it just the same.

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                      shadowfax007 Level 1

                      No to further this along but I have a question I haven't seen anyone address.


                      Granted, it's been years since I last used Flash and I'm sure it has progressed with leaps and bounds.


                      What I love the most about Edge is it pushes what can be done with HTML5 and CSS3.  Before filters, people were complaining "where are the filters".  One of the reasons they were not in 1.0 is that filters were still not supported 100%.  Edge was created to be 100% cross-platform (as much as you can), which is VERY important to designers/developers!  After all, what good would it be if the final animations didn't run in all the browsers (newer)?


                      In exporting Flash, I'm not sure I can see how they can export all the features used in a Flash animation to HTML5 and CSS3 code.  If they can't export it 100%, can you imagine the ******** that wold ensue within the flash community?  I can hear it now:

                      Adobe has broken Flash beyond repair - it isn't good for anything any more.  down with Adobe!!! )OK, maybe not that harsh :-)


                      Like I said, I haven't used Flash in several years but can someone with 100% certaintity tell me that a Flash project could be 100% converted to HTML5 and CSS3?  I honestly don't know but if it cannot, then there is your answers...



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                        resdesign Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                        You said:

                        I don't know who works at the Adobe, but I could write like 30 maybe even 40 pages just explaining what is wrong and how it can be better, and you have people on salary there perhaps 50 of them working on Edge Animate who couldn't figure out all the issues...


                        Well, instead of talking about the issues themselves, you tell us that the team members are too dumb to find the issues.

                        Why don't you actually post a list of these issues instead. That would be constructive!

                        I am out of this thread!

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                          Hello everybody,


                          I'm creative director, web developer and 2D, 3D motion designer since the begining of digital video and web.some of my recent flash projects: audiotool.com

                          My opinion is- edge animate is a very helpfull tool, right now. I've done some serious work with it and mostly for making some websites more attractive and playful

                          I really like it. I totally understand the decission behind to build up a new application from scratch for html5, css3, js . You need to discover the possibilities as a product developer from the scratch.

                          It doesnt make sense to take a sledgehammer to crack a nut.




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                            avazquez Level 1

                            Hello everyone,


                            I may not be the expert with lots of years of experience, but I have used  Director since version 4 / and Flash since version 3, action script and lingo in between.   I just had a request for some interactive banners using whatever it is to make it compatible with different browsers, and the solution was Adobe Edge.  Now, I'm integrating it with Adobe DPS and planning to check what can be done with iBooks Author.


                            Even if the couple of things I have done so far are very very simple, I was able to do it after 20 minutes of watching some tutorials, reading a little bit of posts here and there.  The logic of the interface was easy to follow, the constraints we have with the different elements/symbols/timeline were easy to accept.  Oh, and the timeline/animation process was somehow similar to AfterEffects, so again, i felt like using something that I was already familiar with. 


                            I found some glitches and issues, but the adobe edge community sent a reply to my questions even during the weekend...


                            And now, I'm starting to understand how to do a little bit more using jQuery inside of Edge (controlling object properties, and similar things) and again, I find my self using the same thing I have learned for web development.


                            I think we can keep our mind open, and learn that each tool can be effective for a specific issue.  Similar to understanding that Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign were created to work together, and not trying to do everything we need only using  one or another.


                            Flash is great, Edge can be the same for web animation and itneractives so I think is worth to explore more and check what's in store for the next releases.


                            Why we don't have the same options for exporting content from Flash to HTML/CSS/JS?  I don't know, but what I know is that developing programs and change the way it creates the core elements, may have required to start from scratch and that's probably  why Edge was conceived.

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                              sarhunt Adobe Employee

                              Hi Mari,


                              Edge Animate Product Manager here. If you're coming to Animate from a Flash background yes, there is a magnitude of difference. When authoring in Flash Pro you have the advantage of targeting the Flash Player - since Adobe owns both, we were able to accelerate the creative capabilities of FP since we owned the player it targets. Animate targets the web and we rely on the browser to play content. The gotcha is Adobe doesn't own a browser so the creative content is dependant on the capabilities of HTML. Also keep in mind FP has had decades of development while Animate is about two years old.


                              I understand there can be some challenges in learning something new. We have the advantage of starting anew and took a solid look at some of the ways we can innovate on the content creation process. Personal anecdote; before I joined Adobe I was working as a graphic designer, web developer and Flash animator. I have a hard time going back to FP authoring because of the intuitive improvements we've made in Animate. If you have a desire to learn Animate for the sake of deploying content on desktop AND mobile I suggest approaching the tool with an open mind instead of perceiving flaws which are merely differences between the two tools.


                              If your only concern is targeting the Flash player then by all means remain within FP. Animate is for creating content to be viewed all across the modern web - which means targeting places the Flash player can't reach. You also might be interested in Toolkit for CreateJS, which converts your Flash content to HTML5 canvas. Caveat emptor; Toolkit is again bound to the restraints of HTML so you have to be mindful of the content you create since not everything available in FP is available on export. The advantage you get with working inside a tool like Animate is you're working on a Webkit based stage so everything available to you in the tool is exactly when you get on save. There is no "tada" magic FP or Animate can do to make web browsers offer all the capabilities you get with the Flash player. Today authoring content for the web means doing so without plugins.


                              As Marie and others in this thread pointed out (thanks!), myself and the Animate team are genuinely interested in constructive feedback on the tool. The feedback we've received to date has helped shape and craft the tool into what it is today. Find a bug? Tell us about it! Feature request? Let us know! (Hint: "Make it more like Flash" isn't a feature request. "I want to mask objects like I can in Flash" is a more constructive example on communicating feedback)



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                                jholmes2500 Level 1

                                Saying you don't own the browser is a little disingenious. HTML5 and the CSS3 standards drafts have been around for years. That's what you're targeting, not browsers. It's not the big wide playing field of FP, but it's a cross platform baseline standard.


                                Here's my issue with Edge vs Flash. The promise of the Creative Suite and the Cloud is that for $50 a month for the rest of our lives, we shouldn't have to re-create the same animation for video with AE or Flash, that we want to run on the web or a handheld. Give us a tool to render a single animation to these different platforms from the same timeline. Is that so hard?


                                Once upon a time Adobe had a nifty little program called LiveMotion. A Flash alternative back when Macromedia was a threat and not a memory. LiveMotion did all this, exported to Flash, wrote to Quicktime and rendered .swf files. Where'd that go? You guys made this functionality work in 2001, what happened? Did all those guys cash out and buy houses in the hills?


                                Flash has gone from being the clean, stable animation platform when Adobe bought it, to a non-secure bloated scripting environment that was such a memory hog that it killed the entire Flash community. If Animate can be an easy-to-use, animation platform, please let it stay that way. But if you could add the ability to render an HD .mov file, you could save cross platform authors a lot of work.


                                It's a lot easier to deal with the constraints of HTML animation and let that render up, than the discover the limitations of things you could do in Flash that won't run on the web, after the fact.


                                Adobe's empire was founded on the foothold of Postscript which made 2-D, static, resolution-independent art possible. Creat the art once, output it for 10dpi for billboards, 300 dpi for magazine ads, banners, busines cards... whatever size you needed Adobe made it happen. Why can't we get that in motion graphics? Animate once output to web, mobile, video. Let me work from 72dpi to 4K.

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                                  SFS-DPS Level 1

                                  Can an adobe rep. update edge users on when edge will support audio and video. I know this can be done with coding however as designer that has not mastered code Im desperatly awaiting this update.


                                  Could you give us an timeframe to look fwd to?


                                  Thanks in advance.

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                                    resdesign Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                    Check out edgeHero.com for now!

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                                      SFS-DPS Level 1

                                      Actually that's what Ive been messing with all day. For the life of me I can fig. out what Im doing wrong. I copy and paste the code in but im getting nowhere. As I said Im a dinosaur when it comes to code.



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                                        resdesign Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                        Show me your code and what you are doing.

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                                          SFS-DPS Level 1

                                          I kinda destroyed it out of frustration. ;(


                                          Basically I have a icon that when its clicked i want the animation to run and play mp3.


                                          If I zip it could you make this happen then send it back to me so I can look at what you did?


                                          I can pm you if your willing to walk me through this.

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                                            resdesign Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                            Sure - PM me the link or putit here.

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                                              SFS-DPS Level 1

                                              ok so I got the audio to play when i add class autoplay.

                                              The audio is a invisible rectangle.

                                              I want to delete the autoplay class and have the audio play on click?


                                              Can you tell me how to do that?

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                                                resdesign Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                                Please check the file link I sent you.


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                                                  SFS-DPS Level 1

                                                  I have version (


                                                  Also as I said I got the audio link to play what i encer autoplay class. But as attached when I try to get it to play on click it does not work.Screen Shot 2013-10-24 at 10.37.33 AM.png

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                                                    resdesign Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                                    OK - I updated the file, so please check the same link again.

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                                                      SFS-DPS Level 1

                                                      ok so I see you inserted controls. Do i have to have controls? cant I just have an object play sound once its clicked?

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                                                        resdesign Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                                        Just delete the undesired control, timeline and volume bar.


                                                        With the sample on edgeHero, it is simple to take of the controls you do not want. For those who do not have the right version for the samples, we have detailed info on how to use them.

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                                                          SFS-DPS Level 1

                                                          still not getting this to work. I have a rectangle that has the class= audiolink_1_mp3 play_audio. If I understand correctly this rectangle set to 0% opacity should play when clicked and pause when clicked again. Right?

                                                          • 26. Re: Edge Animate - future perspective
                                                            resdesign Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                                            No, keep the play button with its class and it toggles automatically. The audio box is transparent and can be put on the side.

                                                            • 27. Re: Edge Animate - future perspective
                                                              SFS-DPS Level 1

                                                              alright, Babysteps. Looks like class (play_audiolink_1) and (audiolink_1_mp3) have to be seperat div's?

                                                              • 29. Re: Edge Animate - future perspective
                                                                SFS-DPS Level 1

                                                                ok I think im getting it. Somehow I missed that concept.


                                                                next step would be to have one click instigate sound element play, start animation which would trigger a video all with the intension of one click



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                                                                  resdesign Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                                                  yes you can add the click event on the play button and add the trigger for the video at the end of the animation.

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                                                                    GraphicsGeezer Level 1

                                                                    I've wasted weeks trying to do the most simple things, with Edge Animate, some with a lot of help from very skilled people.


                                                                    But I have to agree with the person who started this thread. I've created web pages for as long as there's been a web. I've used Flash

                                                                    for years, but getting even the most simple presentation out of Edge is a nightmare.  The interface is anything but intuitive and there's hardly any built-in code. You can't even create a set of next -previous buttons without being mired in yards of ugly JavaScript.


                                                                    Results are inconsistant and every presentation has this irritating hiccup at the beginnning with nothing but a blank screen.


                                                                    As far as I'm concerned this programs can't do anything more than Powerpoint.