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    Correct Export Settings for an HD project originating in Canon xh-a1

    kemitesound.com Level 1

      I have come to Premiere Pro from using Final Cut Express. I captured footage from my Canon XH-A1, edited it, added music and am now ready to export the file for both dvd and youtube.


      Here is where my problems begin. I thought the Quicktime format would give me a preset for HD video. It does not. I looked at several alternatives and only succeeded in confusing myself.


      1) What would be the best setting to render a file to use for dvd creation?


      2) What would be the best setting for rendering a file to use for youtube video creation? The "B" section to that question would be " Is H264 where I should start when creating for youtube?


      All help will be greatly appreciated. I tried using Lynda.com for this and not sure my answers work for this.