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    Avoid borders in clipping masks


      Hi Guys


      I'm designing a new logo for a client and I would like a rectangular form on the background. There is a C-formed shape in the rectangle which should be clipped in the final version. (so if used on black background for example, there's only the regular form on the background with the C in it, but not the shape of the C outside the rectangle on the left and right of the rectangle).


      Clipping could be an option but it gives me those fine strokes...


      How to solve this?






      The first image is the ideal result (but not clipped so with shapes of the C outside the box on a coloured background). The 2nd is the result when clipped. Note the small lines where the C-shape touches the borders of the rectangle on the left, right and bottom of the rectangle.


      Logo YLNC 2013 - TA-2013-06-07-02.jpgLogo YLNC 2013 - TA-2013-06-07-03.jpgSchermafbeelding 2013-05-06 om 23.29.15.png

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          Jacob Bugge MVP & Adobe Community Professional



          Presuming  the C shape is a closed path on top of the rectangle, you can just select both and Pathfinder>Minus Front, then Ungroup if needed.


          That will cut the overlapping part of the C shape out of the rectangle.


          In older versions it would be Pathfinder>Subtract from shape area, and you might need to press Alt/Option to get simple paths, depending on version.

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            BobM1990 Level 1

            Hi Jacob Bugge


            Thanks for your reply! I finally had the time to test it.


            I must say it is already more how I would like it, but now the thing is: the C-shape has to remain white when I place the logo on for instance a red background. But only the C-shape within the blue rectangle, so the parts of the shape that come over the borders of the blue rectangle, should be gone (like the effect of a clipping mask actually... )





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              Jacob Bugge MVP & Adobe Community Professional



              Then what about:


              1) Select both rectangle and Cand Pathfinder>Divide;

              2) Delete unwanted parts (of the C), you may Ungroup or use Direct selection Tool?


              You can still change the rest of the C to transparent by deleting those parts too, or by hiding them (in the Layers palette, or setting them them to nostroke/nofill), if your client changes mind again. In the latter case, you can (re)show/fill them if your client changes mind again again.