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    Photo Files Losing Color when placing in INDD...


      Hi, using INDD CS6,I am noticing my jpg files are losing some of their color information when I link them into INDD, I am doing a photo book, and the colors really need to be preserved. It's almost like they are being compressed a little in INDD similar to what we see on compressed PDF output.  I have check my color spaces, etc, all seem to be good and consistent between the apps. I am attaching a screen shot where I overlaid the same jpg displayed in preview next to the same file linked to in INDD.


      Thank you.Screen Shot.jpg

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          Ellis home Level 4

          Try using View/Display Performance/High Quality Display.

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            Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

            A few things at play here, I think.  First, do you see the the little red dot with the question mark in the upper left of the frame in ID? That means the link is missing. ID can't do a proper preview if it can't find the link.  Second, ID is color managed. As far as I know, Preview is not. A more accurate check would be against the image in Photoshop.  Third, you've got a drop shadow. I suspect the Image is RGB and the transparency blend space is set to CMYK.  Fourth, you are, indeed, looking at a compressed preview, not the actual pixels. The quality of the preview depends on the settings (display quality) and the size/resolution ratio at which the image was saved.