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    TextFieldType.INPUT bug?

      I am experience a problem with input textfields. If I default the text of my text field to "", or even do not set it at all, and I have embedFonts = true, then i am unable to type into the text field. I DO have the font in my library, so that is not the issue.

      Funny thing is... if I set embedFonts = false, then i can type into the text field BUT it is the Flash default font (Times New Roman) even though I am specifically trying to set it to Tahoma.

      Also, with embedFonts = true, if I put some text (even a SPACE) in the textfield then everything is fine. Problem is... I do not want my input fields to have text in them by default!

      Here is some code (remember to put the Font "Tahoma" in your library). If you run it as is you will hopefully see the issue I am talking about. Any help would be greatly appreciated!