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    Memory use with PSE 11 on my Mac

    DickSj Level 1

      My iMac has 12 GB of RAM - but when I go to preferences on my Photoshop Elements version 11,  I can only get PSE 11 to use about 3 GB of RAM. 


      I am doing some photomerge panoramas, and when I want to fill in the blank borders of the final image, PSE tells me that there is not enough RAM to perform the task.


      How can I get PSE to use more RAM on my Intel iMac ?

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          Barbara B. Level 7

          PSE is a 32 bit application, which means that 3 GB is all the ram it can ever use. You can increase it a bit in editor>preferences>performance, but don't push it all the way to 100. Stop at around 90% for best results. It also helps if you have plenty of free disk space for PSE to use for a scratch disk.